Midnight deals of kfc

midnight deals of kfc
2019-08-21 07:57

KFC 5in1 Meal Box has 1 Krunch Burger, 1 Chicken Piece, 1 Regular Fries, 1 Dinner Roll and a Regular Drink in just Rs. 360. This deal is valid for dine in, take away and delivery, so visit us or call or order online. This offer is for limited time only.Midnight deals in Islamabad. Featuring best Midnight deals from midnight deals of kfc

KFCMidnight DealsThe Later The Better2 Pcs. Chicken DrinkZinger DrinkRs. 295 Rs. 200 Each. For Delivery

Order food online from KFC Midnight Deal 1 Zinger burger with regular soft drink Rs300 Add. Midnight Deal 2 2 Krunch burgers with 2 regular soft drinks KFC excites its customers by an easy access to kentucky fried chicken coupons through mobile phones or by taking printable coupon to the nearby kfc store. You can enjoy kentucky fried chicken specials, kfc family meals, kfc bucket deals and many more through special discounted coupons of kfc.midnight deals of kfc KFC MIDNIGHT DEALS. KFC has once again came up with their scrumptious Midnight Deals. Midnight Deals are available for dine in, takeaway and delivery. Deal 1: 2 Pieces Chicken& 1 Drink in Rs. 250. Deal 2: 1 Zinger Burger& 1 Drink in Rs. 300. Deal 3: 2 Krunch Burgers& 2 Drinks in Rs. 320. For delivery call now or visit your

midnight deals of

Discover great KFC deals. The KFC menu is comprised of several inexpensive, but quality choices. Here at foodpanda you can find our Exclusive Discounted Deals, which are among our customer favourites. Amongst other popular offers in Pakistan are the Midnight Deals, which include up to 3 different combinations. midnight deals of kfc KFC Pakistan Midnight Deals 2015 Menu Value Burger& Drinkin Rs. 225 Only 2 Pcs. Chicken& Drinkin Rs. 250 Only Zinger& Drinkin Rs. 300 Only Kentucky Fried Chicken provides yummy dishes right at your doorstep. Get home delivery of your favorite KFC chicken and meals all over Pakistan Aug 18, 2017  Food Review 21 is of KFC zinger burger in midnight deal. facebook Page link: facebook username:

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